Nutritional Consultation


- Hippocrates

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


One of the most interesting things about “TCM” Traditional Chinese Medicine is its recognition of individuality. This also extends to dietary considerations. There are no "one size fits all" herbal regiments or diets in TCM. Everything is tailored to the individual's needs, which can differ widely.

The Chinese viewpoint of a balanced diet is very different from that in the West. In the Chinese system, a balanced diet is one which includes all 5 tastes - spicy, sour, bitter, sweet, and salty. Foods and herbs which have a particular taste tend to have particular properties. For example, bitter herbs and foods tend to be good at treating infections or phlegm, some even have antibiotic-like properties. Herbs and foods with a salty taste tend to be great for treating conditions like dehydration or constipation.

The guiding principle is that adjustment is more important than radical change. Embracing Chinese medicine dietary practices is a process of expanding what you eat, not constricting your diet. You may give up some foods, but you should find there's a whole new world of varied foods open to you that you may have never tried before. To make a shift in your diet, from out of balance to balanced, you must find the mix of options that feels comfortable and unforced. Discovering the best way for you to improve your diet is a very personal process. You can't rush it. You must give yourself the time to learn about how your body functions and adjust to what it tells you. Our nutritional program serves as a guide, the right balance will be uniquely yours. 


What can I expect from the program?


Here are some of the benefits you can expect from following the program:

  • Developing a deeper understanding and awareness of your own body and your relationship with food

  • Practice mindful eating by participating in making the right food choices for you

  • Enhance general health and maintenance

  • Prevention of disease

  • Assisting in reaching personal objective

  • Support and strengthen other concurrent therapies. In TCM, diet is considered the first line of defense in health matters. In some cases the person will have to straighten out the diet before the herbs can work properly or sometimes before the medicinal herbs are even given.


Chinese Therapeutic Nutritional counseling can be helpful for:

  • Weight loss

  • Fertility

  • Postpartum nutrition

  • Detoxification

  • Digestive problems

  • Allergies

  • Autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, and eczema

  • ADD   

  • Pre and Post cancer treatments

  • High cholesterol


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